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Welcome to Darya Creek Bernedoodles!

We are a small but very diligently researched breeder located just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on a working farm with a wide variety of animals that our puppies/dogs socialize with. 


Our dogs and puppies (once old enough) are fed a very high plane of nutrition free of preservatives; we will send you home with some food so you don't have switch unless you wish to later.


Our puppies are born in and are raised in our homes with my fifteen-year-old daughter, our dogs and our two well mannered cats; where they are exposed to the sounds and routines of a home.  We pride ourselves on raising very well-rounded puppies that are part of the family; they receive a tremendous amount of handling including weekly nail trimmings and daily socialization training has been implemented to ensure they are sound in temperament; in addition we introduce the Early Neurological Stimulation technique between 3 to 16 days old, this technique is very well known to be extremely beneficial for neurological/cardiovascular/circulatory health for the rest of the dogs life but must be performed daily during this small window of time early in the puppies life. (source:


Puppies will be placed on a spay/neuter contract, 1-year health guarantee (please refer to contract for details), will be dewormed, have their 1st immunization shots, microchipped, and be certified healthy by a veterinarian.  



Why an Bernedoodle?

Bernedoodles make wonderful family dogs and companions.  They present both an array of the wonderful characteristics of the Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog (loyal, loving, low prey-drive) and the Purebred Standard poodle (non-shedding, intelligent, playful). This hybrid breed is very purposeful and takes a tremendous amount of genetic research to obtain complimentary dispositions and physical attributes.  

Why Hybrid breed?

While I have a lot of respect for the work that has been put into the wonderful purebred dogs we have, hybrid vigour cannot be ignored.  In all living things hybrid vigour or diversity in genetics produces very healthy animals (same in humans) and plants.  There is a lot of very interesting research out there and I would be happy to suggest some resources for you if your interested. We go even further by importing our dogs from all around the world to ensure the highest amount of genetic diversity. 

Puppy Application

If you would like to complete a puppy application, please to our "Upcoming Litters/Application Form" page.

1 Year Health Guarantee

We are confident in the health of our dogs; however, we do offer a 1 year health guarantee (please inquire) in the very unlikely case that your puppy has a congenital illness/disease (please refer to contract)  you will be offered either a replacement puppy or the purchase price of your puppy from the next litter. The details of this are in our contract and are fairly standard with reputable breeders. 

From our research there are two very important factors that puppy owners must be aware of: do not over exercise your puppy until they are fully developed/always offer your puppy traction while in your home especially in areas where they may want to run/play and do not take them out in public until at least their 2nd set of immunizations if not the 3rd to ensure immunity.

Est. 2015 - Present  

Leduc County, AB Canada 

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