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Guardian Home Opportunities

In order to keep our doggos happy and well socialized we only keep so many on the farm with us, so instead of having dogs in kennels when we add to our breeding program we will often times place a dog in a guardian home so they also get to be part of a human family with all the attention they deserve. 

What we provide: 

1) A healthy, well bred, and health tested companion animal

2) We cover costs of immunizations, and reproductive related veterinary expenses

3) We will split 50% for first obedience class, reimbursed upon completion

4) We will split 50% of the cost of pet insurance while dog is in our program

5) When it is time for breeding we will pick up your sweet pal for about 3 days (of if your close enough we will home each day after breeding)

6) Routine imaging and vet care throughout pregnancy and we cover the cost of food during pregnancy

7) If female your dog will be with us from about 1 week prior to delivery and then another 6-7 weeks after

8) Once your dog is retiring from our program (3 litters females max) we cover the costs of spay 

9) Upon retiring from our program we will return in full the deposit placed at time of adoption

What our guardian families provide:

1) A happy/healthy environment for the dog to live

2)  Organization of taking dog in for immunizations and if any health concern arises

3) Participating actively in puppy training and taking puppy to at least 1 obedience class

4) Cover other half of pet insurance until dog is retired from breeding program

5) Paying upfront adoption fee, as a refundable deposit, to be repaid when dog retires from breeding program 

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