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Bernedoodle Colouring/Markings

Bernese-like Tri-Coloured 

Usually presenting with most of the following:

- white tip on tail (may or may not)

- white stripe on forehead (to varying degrees/thickness)

- white on nose (always)

- 4 white feet (usually but still considered Bernese-like marked in missing white on 1 or 2 feet)

- white chin (always)

- white chest (always)

- phantom black and brown (always)



These puppies have all three colours (black/brown/white), just not in the organized fashion of the Bernese-like Tri-coloured puppies. 



Black & brown



Black & white or Brown & white



Our puppies have never had this colouring and it is genetically very unlikely to occur.  

This colouring (with this breed) comes from a Poodle or Bernedoodle that is genetically Merle factoring or dominant marked, which our are not 



* Please be aware that the colouring of Bernedoodles can evolve into usually lighter brown as they age. The white remains much the same as they age proportionately but can appear smaller as they age.*


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