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Testimonial from Beau’s home


We purchased our Bernedoodle after knowing we wanted the loyalty and friendship of a Bernese without the shedding due to allergies. Beau gave us both, he is super friendly and our pride and joy. Dealing with Darya Creek Bernedoodles was perfect, she was extremely knowledgeable and even after we brought home our puppy she answered questions and concerns we had. Awesome experience and these are the only type of breeders there should be.

Beau is approximately 70lbs at 1 year old.

Testimonial from Kaya’s home


Kaja is a girl of dualities. She’s sweet but sassy, loves to romp but also excellent at cuddling. Socializing was easy because she had so many adoring fans. People have literally stopped their cars in middle of the street to come say hi. She is excellent with children. Training has gone well and we hope to include more for her in the future. 

Testimonial from Stevie’s home


When we arrived at the farm to meet the pups for the first time, we were delighted to see that they were being raised in a pen in the middle of the house with lots of attention and everyday stimulation. Our pup, Stevie (now one year old) is amazing. She is super smart, easy to train, very loyal, gentle, and has a great sense of humour. We are first time Bernedoodle owners, and our experience, right from the beginning to date has been wonderful on every level.

At 1 year old Stevie is 52lbs and 24” at shoulder.

Testimonial from Otto’s home

Hi Aimee,

Just wanted to send you a quick message about Otto. We are so thankful we found you! We couldn’t love our little boy any more and he is perfect. Thank you for everything!

Happy Holidays from us to you!!

Carmen, Peter and Otto

Testimonial from Emerson and Khali's home


Both puppies are so incredible. Emerson finds joy in every situation, and he loves the deep piles of snow. Khali is a cuddler, but also the voice of the two. She has so much to say about everything - she lets us know she wants all the pats and all the attention all the time.

Testimonial from Enzo's home


Enzo now weighs 38 lbs (6mos) is very out going and well socialized. Plays well with little dogs as well as big ones. In a couple of months we will be moving into intermediate obedience (dogs have to be 8 months to participate). He really enjoyed his puppy socialization and basic obedience. Always wants to please.

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