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How our application process works :

1) Please email or use the contact us page so we can send you an application and answer any questions that you may have. 

2) After we receive your application and we both agree that we can meet each others expectations in terms of puppy placement a $500 holding deposit/down payment is placed (unless indicated that only applications are needed for further in the future litters). This deposit is non-refundable but transferable to a future litter should you need to defer; this deposit IS REFUNDABLE should we not be able to place a puppy with you within one litter from the planned litter that you placed your deposit for and we have litters about every 3-6 months. We do understand however, that sometimes life happens, we have never kept someone's deposit without placing a puppy with them, we are reasonable people. The deposit allows for us both to be committed to the placement and allows others a better indication of how long our wait-list is.

3) We will be in contact when we have a confirmed pregnancy (by ultrasound at approximately 4 weeks gestation) and then again when puppies are about 1 week old. 

4) Puppy reservations begin at the 2-3 week old mark, this is done first by picture, video, and our recommendation (but still by your choice and based on your place on the wait-list). At 5-6 weeks old you may come out to meet your puppy before final payment/decision is required. 


Currently Accepting Applications for these upcoming litters: 


Spring 2024 Winnie/Jackson or Castiel - F1b Mini Bernedoodles


Spring 2024 Arya/Jackson - F1 Mini/Medium Bernedoodles


Spring 2024 Naya/Castiel - F1b Mini/Medium Bernedoodles


Summer 2024 - Tia/Castiel or Jackson - F1b Mini Bernedoodles




We only accept reservations for 8 puppies per litter, litters are sometimes larger than this though and as such we would always refer to the next wait-lists to offer placement before outside marketing.  


Arya and Jackson - Mini/Medium F1 Bernedoodle Litter

Jackson  - Registered Purebred Poodle

Sire (father)

Jackson is such a good boy and consistently produces tri-coloured pups for us and we expect the same from this pairing. He is tri-coloured even though he looks more black and white in the picture and his colour genetics when matched with Bernese or Bernedoodle colour genetics will always produce Tri-coloured offspring :)

Arya - Registered Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog

Dam (Mother)

Arya is the absolute sweetest, most loyal girl you could ask for. She is also very genetically sound, and came to us all the way from eastern Europe as a pup. She is an amazing mom to her puppies and is a very calm girl and her pups reflect this. Arya lives with her loving family of 4 very close to us so she is often out visiting. 

Winnie/Jackson - Mini F1b Bernedoodle Litter

Castiel  - Registered Purebred Poodle

Sire (father)

Castiel is just the sweetest boy, he is incredibly smart and loves to play but is also able to relax and lounge around the house. Castiel is about 24lbs currently and 15 1/2" at shoulder. His colour is hard to illustrate with pictures but he is a deep red with Phantom recessive (Black/Red), his puppies will be stunning!

Winnie - F1 Mini-Bernedoodle

Dam (Mother)

Winnie is the sweetest, most affectionate girl on the farm! She loves everyone and is so snuggly, a very typical Bernedoodle personality. She was very easy to train, loves to play almost as much as cuddling on the couch to watch a movie. We are thrilled to see her pups, she is going to be such a good momma!

Naya and Bernie - Medium F2 Bernedoodle Litter

Naya- F1 Mini/Medium Bernedoodle (Darby/Jackson)

Dam (Mother)

This is what Naya's guardian home has to say about their girl:

We brought Naya home when my son was 6 months old, and have since welcomed my daughter who is now 7 months old. Naya and my children have the most incredible bond, I could not ask for a better dog and I trust her completely. I typically find the 3 of them playing, chasing each other or snuggling on the couch together.

Naya loves walks, dogs of all shapes and sizes, car rides and wants nothing more in life than to be around her people and getting scratches and love. She is fantastic in her crate and in the house, a great guard at letting us know if someone is at the door, protective, and has the goofiest personality. We love her and can’t imagine our life without her.

How to reserve a puppy

We do require a $500 deposit to be placed on our wait-list; this deposit is non-refundable but transferrable to another litter if necessary. 

Puppy selection process starts when the puppies from that litter are approximately 3-4 weeks old. At that time we contact our wait-list in order, after we post pictures/description of the each puppy on our site, to give an opportunity to reserve your puppy. This deposit is non-refundable but transferable to a different puppy from the same litter or you may still defer it to the next litter if you choose. 

After the puppies are approximately 5 weeks old and their immune systems are strong enough for visitors we welcome those that have placed a deposit to come out to the farm to meet their puppy, to ensure the placement is a match, before full payment is due at 6 weeks old. Puppies are placed in their forever homes at 8 weeks old, sorry we cannot keep your puppy past this age as it is best for all the puppies if they only go through litter separation and re-homing stress once. 

If you would like us to send you our puppy application please go to the "contact us page" and send us a message. 

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