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Pick-up or Delivery

We always welcome our puppy parents out to the farm to pick up their puppy at 8-weeks-old or to meet them at an arranged time when puppy is approximately 6-weeks-old, but sometimes this is not possible as you may live too far away. 

We have a variety of options for you depending on how far away you live; we can deliver your puppy to you by car (within a 6 hour drive from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) or we can fly your puppy to you as well.  Our rates are quite reasonable, and we are more than willing to give a quote if you're interested.  We will add to this page when we have puppies that we are either personally delivering or flying or both so that you may take advantage of a discount on delivery if you live in the same city as a puppy we have a delivery already scheduled for. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR SCHEDULED DELIVERIES.  

Preparing for Puppy

Immunizations, Diet, and Grooming

  • When you bring your puppy home at 8 weeks, he/she will already have had their 1st of  3 puppy vaccinations, a schedule of these will be provided to you when puppy is 6 weeks old so you can plan ahead; they are given at approximately: 7 weeks, 11 weeks, and 15 weeks.

  • Your puppy has been raised on a human grade, high quality raw diet, this is the diet what we recommend continuing with at least for the first few weeks. If raw is absolutely not an option for you,  there is a kibble that is a freeze dried raw dog food called Farmina that is a good second option. 

  • Your puppy will have a nice short nail quick, having had their nails trimmed weekly while with us. They will be very used to having their nails trimmed and paws handled. If you are unsure how to clip their nails we can give you a demo when you come to pick your puppy up. 

  • Your puppy will need to groomed periodically, as he/she is 50% poodle who's hair will continue to grow. The length of clip is completely up to you, and may vary depending on the season/climate.

Things you will need for your puppy:

  1.  crate: we suggest purchasing a large crate that they will grow into, a large wire crate with a divider so you can limit their space until they are big enough to require it, so they don't mess in their crate. Your puppy is litter trained  (we use a mixture of grass pellets and wood pellets), so providing your puppy with a litter box for the first month or so is a viable option until she/he can hold their bladder through the night.  A puppy at 8 weeks can usually only hold their bladder for a few hours, so if you are not able to let him out of his/her crate at 3 hour intervals we suggest also purchasing the matching wire exercise pen and clipping it to the open door of the crate to provide room for a litter box, water dish, toys, etc. You can purchase a large "whelping box liner",  which is essentially just a very big incontinence pad, to protect your floors and provide necessary traction for your pup. It is very important that your puppy always has access to water, it is not wise to hold back water to prevent puppy from having to urinate as much.  Your puppy's crate will become their den and they will love it (once they get used to being away from their litter-mates), so it should never be a discipline tactic but a place they want to sleep/rest. 

  2. sleeping pad: to make your puppy comfortable it is suggested to provide a cushion for puppy to sleep on in their crate.

  3. leash and collar: your puppy will be about 6-8 lbs (Mini/Medium sized) or 10-15 lbs (Standard sized)  when he/she comes home with you, some people like a sizeable slip leash instead of a separate collar and leash while others prefer a collar and leash. 

  4. chew toys- your puppy will be teething approximately between 3 months and 8 months of age so providing them with toys like kongs and/or knuckle bones will prevent them from chewing things they are not supposed to (stuffed animals are not recommended as they can tear them apart). Also, puppies are like human babies/toddlers in that everything goes in their mouth, so ensure that nothing is left on the floor (socks, kids toys, etc). 

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