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At Darya Creek we believe passionately in breeding and raising healthy, well socialized family pets. Our breeding program was years in the making and it really does show in the litters we have been lucky enough to raise and place in loving homes. Our dogs live in our house with us, as do the puppies; we believe if we can't have  them in our house how can we expect you to have them in yours. As previously mentioned, we are a small breeder with usually only two or three litters per year; we work hard to ensure your puppy is very well prepared for his/her life in your loving home.  


Your puppy will come home to you with their first vaccinations, twice dewormed, microchipped, health certified by a Veterinarian and litter trained (we use a combination of wood and grass pellets).


Our setup is quite ideal; we all live on the same working farm (just in different homes)  a short 30min drive from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our dogs are part of our family and we keep our numbers small to ensure that they receive proper affection, training, and care; which is why we will either sometimes place a puppy in a guardian home to add to our breeding program or contract out a planned breeding with a stud dog that has undergone the same selection criteria as our own dogs. 


We follow the Early Neurological Stimulation practice with our puppies to ensure we prepare them as best we can for a long healthy life, in addition to daily socialization training/handling. (source:  Our breeding dogs go through very strict and thorough health screening and testing for generations and as such we guarantee the health of our puppies for 1 year for every thing that we screen for Degenerative Myelopathy, Neonatal Encephalopathy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA-PRCD), Von Willebrand’s Disease Type I (VWD1), and SOD1B Degenerative Myelopathy (SOD1B).


I am a third generation dog breeder and I love what I do; I also have a day job (with very cut back hours during puppy time) as a Registered Massage Therapist and  Magnetic Resonance Imaging Tech previously. As mentioned I have a 15-year-old daughter that plays with the puppies daily and helps me with their daily socialization training/handling. These puppies really do get our full attention 24-7 while they are with us, with daily weight taking the first little while to ensure acceptable weight gain and health; the mother receives just as much care (she has her own bedroom for her and her pups during whelping/nursing stage)


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